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Contraception / Family Planning / Birth Control

Contraception is any method used to prevent pregnancy. Making the right decision regarding contraception is an important consideration in many women’s lives. Every woman has different needs, concerns, medical issues, and lifestyles, which contribute to this decision. Once we have discussed your individual priorities, we can add our medical knowledge to partner with you to make the best possible decision.

Commonly used forms of contraception include:

  • Newer, low-dosage birth control pills
  • Intrauterine devices (IUD)
  • Nuva Ring
  • Nexplanon (implant)
  • Long-acting injectables (Depo Provera)

Hormonal Contraception

  • Hormonal Birth Control
  • Birth Control Pills & Information
  • Hormonal IUD:
    • Mirena - visit www.mirena-us.com
    • Skyla - visit www.skyla-us.com
    • Liletta - visit www.liletta.com
    • Nuva Ring - visit www.nuvaring.com
    • Nexplanon - visit www.nexplanon.com
    • Depo Provera

    Non Hormonal Contraception

    • Non-hormonal IUD
      • Paragard - www.paragard.com

      Permanent Contraception by Tubal Litigation

      Birth Control Options After Delivery

      • Birth control Options after Pregnancy

      Contraception Comparison

      Name Advantages Disadvantages Efficacy
      Birth Control Pills
      • Continuous contraceptive protection when taken correctly
      • Reversible
      • Many non-contraceptive health benefits
      • Must remember to take daily
      • Increased risk of blood clots, heart attack, stroke, esp. in smokers over 35 y/o
      • Rare side effects include: nausea, headache, breast tenderness
      99% or greater if taken correctly
      (Depo-Provera injection)
      •  Continuous contraceptive protection for 3 months
      • No need to remember to take daily medication
      •  Must visit physician's office for injection every 12 weeks
      • Return of fertility 4-5 months after last shot
      • Side effects can include irregular menstrual spotting, headache, mood changes
       99% or greater
       Ortho Evra (patch)
      •  A patch is applied weekly
      • No need to remember to take daily medication
      • Good cycle control ~ same as birth control pills
      •  Must remember to change the patch weekly
      • Patch may come loose
      • Similar side effects and risks as birth control pills
      Inserted Hormonal Device
      (vaginal ring)
      •  A self-applied vaginal ring inserted for 3 week intervals with one week off
      • No other maintenance needed. Good cycle control
      • Same as birth control pills
      •  Ring must be inserted and removed by patient
      • Similar side effects and risks as Birth control pills
      (Inserted implant device)
      •  Continuous contraceptive protection for up to 3 years
      • No maintenance needed
      •  Inserted by the physician in the arm in the office
      • May cause irregular menses or loss of menses
       Mirena / Skyla
      (intrauterine device IUD)
      •  Continuous contraceptive projection for up to 5 / 3 years
      • Decreases the number of bleeding days per month
      • Nothing "to do" after in-office insertion by physician
      •  May perforate uterus on insertion (EXTREMELY RARE)
      • May be expelled (RARE)
      • May cause irregular bleeding in the first 3 months of use
      • RARE hormonal side effects
      • Increased infection risk in some women
      (intrauterine Device IUD)
      • Continuous contraceptive protection for up to 10 years
      • Non-hormonal
      • Nothing "to do" after in-office insertion by physician
      • May perforate uterus on insertion (EXTREMELY RARE)
      • May be expelled (RARE)
      • Does not control menstrual cycles
      • Increased infection risk in some women
      • May have heavier or irregular bleeding

       Tubal Ligation
      •  Continuous contraceptive protection
      •  Permanent Surgical Procedure (minimally Invasive)

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